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We use intelligent marketing campaigns to convert browsers into buyers

We double your conversion rate

We're a Conversion Marketing Agency

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Our Principles

We believe in conversion-first marketing...

At Oblong Digital, we don’t just build marketing campaigns - we build campaigns that actually work.

Everything we do has just one focus: to drive more sales.

Does this mean we lose clients to other agencies who create fancy webpages and overly-complex emails? Yes, of course. Some business owners just want something flashy to show off about.

However, by sticking to our core principles, we know we can generate at least twice as many sales for you than the next-best agency in the UK.

So, if you’re ready for no-nonsense advice on creating marketing campaigns that actually work, why not schedule a call with us today?

Our Skills

We know how to grow email lists and build effective conversion campaigns

How We Work

Number 1


We get clear on who your perfect prospect is, what their problems are, and create a one-line promise that is the basis of your entire marketing.

Number 2


We use insights from stage 1 to create an irresistible opt-in, a mouth-watering initial offer & a welcoming onboard sequence to build trust.

Number 3


We use surveys to engage and segment your list, then automation to sell them more, and finally loyalty campaigns to turn them into superfans.

Nice things clients say

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They are a real nerds about conversion but the easy-to-understand methods helps simplify what can be a complicated process.
Follow their advice to get great results from your campaigns!

Andrew Ritchie

CEO, Entrepreneur School
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Their innovative approach has revolutionised my marketing.
It's been just 3 months and now we regularly receive up to 70 leads a month, when before we were lucky to get 10!

Phil O'Connor

Whitewell Financial Planning
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I will be honest - I was a bit sceptical at first. After all, lot's of people have said email is dead.
They are dead wrong! The email marketing techniques I'm using have tripled the size of my business in 19 months.

Dave Wood


Message from the Founder

Al Elliott, Founder

“I launched this agency because I was fed-up of seeing hard-working business owners getting bad marketing advice.”

You see, even if you have the best advertising campaigns, solid SEO and a decent email list, none of this means anything if you can't convert browsers into buyers.

Your conversion rate is the single biggest factor in increasing sales, and we know how to double it in 6 months.

Our golden rule for all our campaigns is this: ‘Does it help sell more of your stuff?’

So instead of fancy graphics and fussy buy-now buttons, your marketing messages should be carefully crafted to demonstrate how your product/service solves their problem.

When done right, your campaigns will convert at least twice as well as they do right now, and you'll grow your list and revenue significantly - all without extra marketing spend.

Book a consult with one of our friendly team today.

Old way Vs New Way

Thankfully, marketing is finally improving. So what's changed exactly?

The Old Way

Generic opt-in offers that are boring

Sending the same email to everyone

Having just one metric: Did we sell our sh*t?

THE MOTTO: SPAM them until we sell them

Giving up on new subscribers when they don't buy

Manually creating and sending emails every week

The New Way

Engaging opt-in offers that actually convert

Carefully designed 'paths' to segment readers

Multiple metrics to allow granular reporting

THE MOTTO: Prove you can help by actually helping

Evergreen campaigns that nurture and convert

Fully automated funnels that sell on auto-pilot

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